Welcome to the OCSU!

The Okanagan College Students’ Union (OCSU), is a non-profit organization formed by students, for students. The membership of the organization is made up of Okanagan College Students from the Penticton, Kelowna, and Salmon Arm campuses. There are two basic purposes for the OCSU, or indeed any Students’ Union: firstly, to provide services to our members on a non-profit basis, and secondly, to advocate on behalf of our members.

As a member of OCSU, you are also a member of the British Columbia Federation of Students (Local 1), an autonomous, democratic organization made up entirely of students. When you registered for classes and paid your tuition fees to Okanagan College, you also paid a membership fee to help finance the operations of your Students’ Union. As a member, you are part of a significant organization that undertakes advocacy and campaigns, as well as offers social events and services for Okanagan College students. By being part of this organization, we are able to work beyond the local scope, and work provincially and nationally to have conversations with all levels of government. Government plays a direct role in post-secondary education, providing student financial assistance, and funding for colleges and universities.

Report of the Board

We hold our Annual General Meeting each December, where the OCSU Board Members present our annual Report of the Board to our members. In this report, we recount our events, services, campaigns, and student movement victories that we did on our three campuses. We are always excited to inform our member of the hard work we did and will continue to do. We encourage our members who did not attend our AGM to read over these reports.

Read Our Report of the Board

How We Operate

Three Campuses, Three Councils, Three Times the Awesomeness

Since our members are spread through three different campuses (Salmon Arm, Kelowna, and Penticton), the activities of the OCSU at each local campus is managed by its own elected Campus Councils. Campus Council meetings are held regularly throughout the academic year, and provide a venue for students at each campus to decide what types of events and activities are best suited to each individual campus. They also provide a meaningful venue of communication between the greater Students’ Union membership and the OCSU Board of Directors that oversees the overall direction of the Union.

Elections for Campus Councils are held at the beginning of the fall semester with every Okanagan College Students’ Union members eligible to run and vote in the elections on their campus. Look for notices marking the opening of the nomination period. An important function of the Campus Councils is to elect campus representatives to the OCSU Board of Directors.

Interested in becoming a student representative? Learn about our elections here!


Democratic Decision Making

The most important and binding decisions of the Students’ Union are the ones made by its members (that’s you!) in general meetings, elections and referenda. These decisions determine the elected members of the Campus Councils and help create the Board of Directors, and prioritize the activities and operations of the Students’ Union throughout the year.

At the provincial and national level, decisions are also made democratically. Every member union of the Canadian Federation of Students exercises a single vote at national and provincial general meetings, regardless of the size of the students’ union’s membership. Through active participation in these meetings, Okanagan College students have a say in setting the policies, direction, and priorities for the student movement in Canada.

The Okanagan College Students’ Union also votes on the Federation’s leadership and has a representative on the board of directors for the BCFS, the British Columbia Executive Committee.

Governing Documents

As with any non-profit organization, we have a constitution, bylaws, and policies that we must abide by. They are all excruciatingly interesting documents and we encourage you to check each of them out.

Our Mandate

Constitution & Bylaws


Colleges & Institutions Act

Society Act of BC

Our Structure

Each level of membership in OCSU is important to the organization as a whole. Explaining how our structure works can be kind of complicated, so ideally we would telepathically inject this information into your brain. But since that isn’t really feasible, we hope this flowchart will do.

  • General Membership

    The biggest, most important part of the OCSU! None of the other roles would exist if they didn’t have a membership to serve.

  • Campus Councils

    As stated above, each campus has its own council, which is elected by the greater membership. Campus councils meet regularly through the year to decide what types of events and activities are best suited to each individual campus.You know those random pop-up coffee events? Or those campaign days with free food and games and prizes? That’s thanks to your campus council! Campus councils are the backbone of the OCSU. They are the link between the greater membership and the OCSU Board of Directors.

  • Board of Directors

    Comprised of representatives selected from each of the three Campus Councils of the OCSU, the Board of Directors coordinates and implements the work and activities of the students’ union. They make decisions on behalf of the entire membership and prioritize the activities and operations through out the year and in between annual general meetings. The Board is also responsible for managing the Students’ Union’s budget, and representing Okanagan College students from Salmon Arm, Penticton and Kelowna within the college and the community. This includes electing student representatives to College committees to provide a student perspective on a host of issues affecting the College.

  • Committees

    Members who have been elected to the Board of Directors can also be elected to OCSU’s Portfolio Committee. The Portfolio Committee makes important and timely decisions for OCSU in between Board meetings. The committee also helps make preparations for Board meetings and other important meetings and events.

    Ad-Hoc Committees can be established at either the Campus Council or Board level. They are created to complete a specific tasks and are disbanded once that task has been completed.

  • Staff

    We have a small team of full-time staff, who provide administrative support and guidance to our councils year round.

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