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Fund it. Fix it.

Tuition fees have skyrocketed over the last two decades, more than doubling since 2001. Where average tuition fees were $2,500 in 2000, they are over $5,900 in 2019; the average cost of obtaining a degree has increased by over $13,700 in tuition fees alone. The reason for this is clear: years of cuts and neglect have resulted in an underfunded system that makes up for funding on the backs of students and their families.

Free Virtual Doctor Visits with Maple!

Starting December 1st, your health and dental coverage includes access to Maple virtual care, courtesy of Green Shield Canada! Access runs until at least February 28 2021, and is available at no additional cost to you!

OCSU Menstruation Kits

You can now request (and receive!) free menstruation products from OCSU online! Your students’ union believes that cost should not be a barrier in accessing menstrual hygiene supplies.

Relief Packages from the Federal and Provincial Governments Both the federal and provincial governments have introduced a number of supports for Canadians experiencing hardship from COVID-19. We have compiled this list of relief packages that are relevant and/or specific to students and their loved ones. It is up to date as of April 2, 2020, […]