How offering a discount can help your business

Free Marketing

There is absolutely no cost to register your discount with us, and the deal that you offer and the term in which you offer it is completely up to you. We like to suggest a base amount of 15% or a BOGO offer, but the final decision is 100% yours to make, we will honour any amount or deal you settle on. We generally ask that businesses sign a 1 year contract running September-August, but we have the flexibility to make it longer or even start earlier.

The forms of advertising we offer are:

  • Exposure on the Deals App
  • Printed Material: printed in our Student Handbook and Student Discount guide, rotating promotion in e-newsletter and around campuses
  • Online: rotating promotion on our website, rotating promotion on our Facebook pages.
  • Poster Boards: rotating promotion on our poster boards, and custom posters*.

*Provided by business, must meet Poster Policy standards.

Attract Customers

We know COVID-19 has hit everyone hard, and local businesses are among those suffering the worst. We support local whenever we can and want our members to do the same. Offering a discount is a great way to entice potential customers to your establishment.

How To Give A Discount

Are you a business that would like to offer students a discount in return for free on-campus and online marketing? If you’re interested, contact us! We accept new discounts anytime throughout the year.

Fill out the contact form below, or call 250-762-5445 ext. 4250

Let’s get started!